Get your initial Guard Card training today!

Our online course takes around 8 hours to complete – and you don’t have to do it all at once. The course remembers where you left off so you can log back in when it suits you and continue. It works across devices, so you can do part of it on your smartphone, part of it on a laptop or desktop or tablet.

This course is professionally produced by experienced instructional designers and comes in two languages: English and Spanish. Choose your language from the menu below, then checkout and you can start studying right away or whenever you choose.

This course follows all the California State guidelines and requirements for Guard Card training and is delivered by Licensed California security company Red Dragon Private Security, PPO 17439, who are fully qualified and certified to provide this training.

Guard Card

The final exam is ‘open book’, which means you can take it as many times as necessary to pass, and you can refer back to the training materials before any re-attempts.

The two main segments are Power To Arrest and Weapons Of Mass Destruction, both of which are mandatory to obtain a Guard Card. The course contains all the necessary training and tests required by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).

We also provide a Guard Card Application Pack along with the course. This includes all the forms you need to make your application to BSIS for a Guard Card, and instructions on submitting them. This course is your one-stop shop for getting a Guard Card in California. It’s your gateway to a Guard Card, so sign up today!

Price: $86.25